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Introduction to MITW....
Massage in the Workplace was founded in 2004 by Jeremy Haynes.
We travel to business of all sizes across the U.K mainland and Ireland and offer the service of Seated .
 On Site Chair Massage is a seated form of Massage that has been adapted to suit the working environment.
The massage is done through the clothing in an upright ergonomic chair and no oils are used. 
The massage focuses on the upper body to reduce the  tension in the head, neck and shoulders
Treatment times can range from 10 to 40 minutes depending on how you would like the service to fit in around you business.
Looking to cover multiple premises, not a problem we have a large pool of experienced and qualified therpists

What are the benefits
The benefits are that in keeping the muscles loose around the neck and shoulder area this avoids the build up tension and the related symptoms (such as migraines, tension headaches) thus reducing staff absenteesim
It's great Morale booster, the service always goes down so well with staff and the feedback is always excellent
On Site Massage send a clear message to staff that you care about their Wellbeing.
We provide feedback forms which staff can fill out after their treatment  so you can assess the quality of the service

What area do we cover

We cover the entire United Kingdom and Ireland and have a team of highly experienced male and female therapists which range from 5 to 20 years 'hands on' experience.


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