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Seated Acupressure Massage

Seated Acupressure Massage has many benefits......

*Massage Reduces Muscle Tension and Calms the mind leaving you refreshed and focused

*Massage by loosening the muscles and easing blood flow is known to reduce the frequency of all types of Headache including Migraine 

*It also greatly reduces the onset of RSI related illness caused by prolonged Keyboard time

*The main Stress Hormone Cortisol is significantly reduced in the body (clinical trials in the US have proven this)

*More relaxed and content staff= more productive staff

*The 'buzz' in the office is like nothing else on Massage Day and creates a great atmosphere amongst all


Massage in the Workplace Pricing

Prices may vary according to location factoring in journey time if the booking is outside Sussex

Within Sussex......

4 hours- £200

5 hours- £250

6 hours- £300


For Central London or Outside Sussex...

4 hours- £300

5 hours- £350

6 hours- £400

We can offer discounts for booking multiple dates 

Contact Jeremy on 07821 380476

We respectfully request payment upon booking as we are a small business and like to pay our Massage Therapists in good time

Cancellation Policy......We ask that any dates cancelled within 24 hours be paid in full

Sport Massage/ Deep Tissue Massage in Sussex- (Practice based in Burgess Hill)

Sport Massage- £30- 30 mins, £37- 45 mins, £45- 60 mins, £65- 90 mins

Deep Tissue Massage- as above

Therapeutic Massage- as above

Reflexology- as above

Seated Chair Massage- as above (maximum 45 minutes recommended for Chair Massage)

I also offer a £20 discount when you block book 4 Treatments


Request a booking.....

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